ViK – Graffiti Artist


Born in Warsaw, Poland and raised in Brooklyn, New York; ViK has always been aware of her urban surroundings. Intrigued by the writings on the walls, typography, and hand lettering, she started exploring with her own creativity and began developing her skills as an artist and graffiti writer. ViK’s work has been featured in notable publications like High Snobette, Juxtapoz, Robots Will Kill, Graphotism, Graffiti Gone Global, Frank151, Canned Goods, Senses Lost, and We R Classic. ViK has also worked on many projects for corporate brands, most recently for Hilton Hotels for a print ad campaign and a billboard for Reebok which was posted in New York City. Over the past few years, ViK has come to be recognized as one of the most talented up-and-coming female writers in the street art scene, leaving her mark from coast-to-coast. | | | instagram @viknyc

Gilf – Activist Artist


Making positive change through art, Gilf operates out of her studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn where you can find plenty of outdoor murals and walls that have been graced with her work. As a working artist in New York City, many pieces of her art can be viewed and purchased through various galleries across the city. More than just an artist, Gilf expresses her perspective on current events and world-changing occurrences through clean and graphic visuals that isn’t obvious to stimulate the mind. Versatile in many traits of her craft, Gilf can comfortably work around murals in the outdoors to spray paint on metal panels in her studio; it all comes down to what inspires her and the message she is conveying. | | instagram @gilfnyc

Ian Kuali’i – Contemporary Artist 


Southern Califronia born with deep roots to the Hawaiian Islands, Ian Kuali’i now resides in Jersey City, New Jersey where he produces contemporary art, specializing in intricate hand-cut paperwork to create mixed media art work. Using the blade as his weapon of choice and also known as the “art mercenary”, Ian is well known for rejuvenating elements and materials used in the art world like his body of work “Afterlife” where used rusty spray cans were revitalized to create works of art. Disciplined and well-versed in versatile methods of art, Ian expresses his positive energy and unique perspective of the world through the medium of his art. | | | instagram @iankualii