Stink Grenade Studios is a young and interactive digital studio that offers a wide array of services for digital platforms. Built from the ground up by 3 young and creative personalities, SGS is well versed and experienced in working in tandem with larger agencies and brands. With a fresh and young out take, SGS has a unique understanding of what today’s young professional is attracted to and what will subside with them for a deep connection between the audience and the brand. It’s foundation originates from the street culture and lifestyle and operates as a hybrid organization between agency and production company, SGS can be a turn-key solution for just about anyone. Our ultimate mission is to bridge the gap between mainstream brands and the street culture and lifestyle while maintaining credibility for all parties.
Stink Grenade Studios is proud to be apart of the “Made in NY” economic development initiative by the New York Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment. This program supports creators and start-ups in the fields of film and television production in the digital space.